About Us

Jeremy is in his senior year as a business and math co-major, he loves Star Wars and reading, he supports his wife in her clearance rack, yard sale and thrift store compulsions and will walk around antique malls with her all day long. He loves to spend time with his Itty Bitty Buddy and the love of his wife. He dances around the house singing most of the day, he crochets, picks his wife's shoes out and dreams of owning every Disney movie every made and he thinks we own too much crap.

Erin is living her dream as a stay at home mom to her second love Scotty Boy. She loves to dig through other people crap and bring home to add to her collection. She enjoys giving new life to old furniture, collects dishes and loves to have parties. As much as she enjoys a clean and organized home she hates working for it. She loves to cook and bake. She constantly redesigns her dream home in her head and one day wants to own a furniture/antique/crap store.

Scott loves his swing, talking to his Momma and Daddy and having them sing to him. Showers are the high light of his day. He loves to be out side and go on walks. He is learning to love to shop and has already been to more yard sales than most adults have gone to in their life. He rolls from belly to back and is learning to giggle. He loves to be read too and responds to the word smile.

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