Our Story

Our Story {in a nut shell}:

Jeremy and I met at the YSA branch when I graduated from high school. We knew each other and talked here and there over the next year. On my nineteenth birthday I went by myself to a friend’s wedding reception, Jeremy was one of the shuttle drivers. At the end of the night my friend Christie was leaving with me and we were the only riders in Jeremy’s van. Jeremy asked how our day had been and what our plans were for the evening. Christie told him of my uneventful birthday and that we were on a search for something exciting to end the night. After going with some friends to the sun dial bridge I watched part of Indiana Jones (who knows what one it was) with my dad and while laying on the couch I got a text message from Jeremy wishing me a happy birthday. {I had had a crush on Jeremy for a while, so getting his message pretty much made my day.} I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. We talked for a little while that night and the next
morning at church he came and sat by me.

After church we all gathered in the kitchen to eat left over ice cream sundaes and somehow people decided it was because it was my birthday (the day before). Jeremy and his friend Justin were leaving when Sister Maire said we needed to sing happy birthday before anyone could leave. And that is what they did. Anyone who knows me knows that I embarrass very, very easily. I felt my face turn red in less than a half of a second and I wished I could crawl under a rock.

After church I thought of every possible reason imaginable to send Jeremy a text. And being the activities coordinator gave me the perfect excuse. I needed to know what our lesson had been on the previous week at FHE because he taught it (like I really lost track). We talked back and forth all evening, my parents were having a “family” party (I think my dad just sent a message to all his contacts because some random people were there) for my birthday that night and I decided to invite Jeremy, he rejected the invitation. Ouch.

The next day at FHE he didn’t say more than a dozen words to me and he sat across the room. I was confused. He and Justin were going to his house to play video games and as they were leaving Jeremy told Justin “I HAVE to be in bed by 11” (they had a history of all nighters). I cleaned up my mess of buckets at FHE told someone they were in charge and I left. I went home and did what I always did (what did I do?) and went to bed around 10:30 or 11:00. I laid in bed wondering if I would ever go on a date again in my life (little bit of an exaggeration? Maybe?). And at 11:30 my phone buzzed. It was Jeremy. What happened to the 11:00 bed time? Who knows? We talked for about an hour and said good night. The next morning he asked me on our first date.

We went that evening to see Iron Man 2 and Red Robin. After dinner we drove back to my parents house and the decided to go to the Sun Dial Bridge. We walked and talked until a little after mid night. Then he took me home. That weekend we went on another date, we ate French Toast with his brother Ben, he showed me the garden, we picked berries and we watch The Time Travelers Wife. Jeremy held me hand for the first time that night. We have seen each other every day since then (except we spent three weeks apart that summer, it was horrible).

At the end of that summer I love Yous were exchanged for the first time, it is safe to say it was the best summer of my life so far. Just four months after we started dating Jeremy proposed and we were married four months later. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Four months after getting married we found out we were expecting our first baby. He was born ten days before our first wedding anniversary. And we are so in love with him!

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