12 December 2010

So, I guess it is time to start our story...
It all started on a Saturday, it was at Stake Conference.  And both of our parents were out of town, and we sat next to each other.  And that's were it all started.  We went to the Eliason's to play cards, and it was a lot of fun. They gave Jeremy a hard time when he came back after dropping me off, but that must have been what got him going to ask her out.  On Sunday he finally asked her out, and she said yes.  We spent the next almost 4 months dating, and getting to know each other.  On October 19th, He asked her to marry him.  It was around 6ish and we went to the sun dial bridge.  We got out of the car, and he asked her right there in the parking lot.  He got down on his knee and asked, and it was really sweet. And she said yes. And that's our story.

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