11 January 2011

So the real story...we have heard from a few people they would like a less condensed story of how we met...

It was June 12th, Erin's nineteenth birthday, she hadn't had the best birthday in the history of the world. A couple friends spent the night with her after a branch party the night before, which was nice but they both had to leave early in the morning for work. Her family was out of town so she was at home most of the day by herself, when her family did get home her mom informed her that she had tickets to a dance recital and there was a ticket with Erin's name on it. So she went, but not so happily. After the dance recital her family went refrigerator shopping at Sears then to dinner for her birthday. Her friends wedding reception was that night so she decided she better go, and she is very glad she did. At the end of the night she ended up in the shuttle van Jeremy was driving, her friend Christie was going with her to find something to do for her birthday. Jeremy asked how they were and how their day was, so they told him the whole story, but that’s what he gets for asking... That night when Erin got home she was sitting on the couch watching Saving Private Ryan with her dad when she got a text message from Jeremy telling her Happy Birthday! She was really excited, because she kind of had a not so secret crush on him. She talked to him for a while that night, then the next day at church he came and sat by her. They continued to text each other off and on all day Sunday and when Monday came they saw each other at family home evening, but Jeremy didn't really talk to Erin so she was a little bit confused. Jeremy’s best friend Justin had just moved back to town and they decided they were going to go play video games but Jeremy said, “we can play, but I am going to bed at 11:00.” So when Erin's phone buzzed with a text message at 11:30 she wasn't expecting it to be Jeremy, but it was. The next morning he asked her out on their first date. They went to see Iron Man 2, ate dinner at Red Robin then went for a walk at the Sun Dial Bridge where they sat and talked for hours. They both really enjoyed the date, on Wednesday afternoon Jeremy asked Erin on another date and of course she said yes. When Friday came he picked her up, took her to his house made her French Toast (her absolute favorite) showed her his family's garden and they watched The Time Travelers Wife. That weekend was stake conference, after the adult session on Saturday they found each other and were invited to Justin's house to play games, Erin wasn't sure at first if she should go but Jeremy decided for her that she was going, he said “I am going to go home and change then I will come and pick you up,” and she said “okay.” The next morning was the general stake conference meeting neither of their parents were going to be there so they decided they both needed someone to sit by, so why not each other? And that is what they did. Well after stake conference Jeremy went to Erin's house and picked her up, he showed her pictures from his mission, told her stories, they watched Aladdin (because Erin had never seen it before) and they went for a walk. He took her home early that day because it was Fathers day and her dad was just getting back to town and he felt bad because she wasn't there. On the way back to her house he took a super long out of the way route and then when they got close to her house he asked her if she would date him and she said yes. Over the next four months they dated, got to know each other and grew to love each other and on October 19th Jeremy took Erin back to the Sun Dial Bridge and asked her to marry him and she said YES! So here we are a month and a half away from our wedding day...or 45 days, patiently waiting.

Long story short...he asked her on a date she said yes, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes, he asked her to marry him and she said YES!

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