07 March 2011

Right now life is a little bit crazy.
After we got married we had a nice long weekend, we stayed home and watched movies and ran around to finish some errands. When Tuesday came around it was hard to jump back into reality.
We are house sitting for Jeremy's parents neighbors until we leave on our honeymoon, it's nice to play house for a while. We have learned that we aren't ready for a dog yet, especially one who loves attention.
Jeremy went back to work last Tuesday and I started my new job, which I love. I am working as a Nanny for a family in our stake who has two of the cutest little boys. I work afternoons and evenings three days a week and some days I don't get home until after 8:30 which is a total bummer because I miss my husband, but he comes and visits me on those days which is nice.
I had to go back to school as well, which I wasn't ready for but spring break is only two and a half weeks away which means our honeymoon is only two and half weeks away! We are excited for it.
This last weekend we got to play house for real, my favorite oldest sister Amanda wanted to go down and surprise her husband in LA while he was at a training for work and take him to Disneyland for an early birthday present so we kept her three precious children Ben, Luke and Bekah. It was fun, we did get some crazy looks at Second Wards girls camp fundraiser on Saturday night and then again at church on Sunday (in Jeremy's parents ward) getting married one weekend and having three kids the next, but thats okay. We had lots of fun and we love all three of them to pieces.
Tonight for FHE we are going to see Tangled (again!) at the dollar theater, it's one of the best movies ever. Then grocery shopping and maybe to the gym to go swimming (we haven't been in a while :/ ).
But today is my day to catch up on housework and school work so I better get to it!...I also have an appointment at the DMV at 3 I can't forget about, trying to finish the process of changing my name.

Have a wonderful day!

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