29 April 2011

We don't really have the internet right now so it has been hard to update, but it's about dang time I posted honeymoon pictures. We've been back for almost a month now. 

In old town we walked through all the shops, bought new sun glasses :) and went to the Mormon Battalion Museum. Also while in San Deigo we went to the pier, ate deep dish pizza and walked to target for the ATM (which was right passed the county psyc hospital...scary!). Then we went to the ZOO!
Mostly because elephants are my favorite! And it's on my bucket list to see an elephant so Jeremy took me to do just that :D And I wore my elephant shoes that Jeremy bought for me the day before. 

We also saw a lot of other cute animals. 

The Giraffes were my second favorite :) 

Then we went to the temple to walk around. Because my temple recommend was still in my coat from when we got married...at home :/
Then we spend three days at Disneyland.
World of Color was wicked awesome! But really...we were in the perfect spot and we could see the whole thing perfectly!
So these are our just married pins...and the hats...

It's a small world had been closed the last two times I had been to Disneyland so I hadn't been on it since I was eight. I was a little bit excited to ride it again. 
We had a lot of fun and wish it didn't end so soon.  

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