31 May 2011

This weekend we moved to Redding for the week; we're house sitting from some for Jeremy's parents friends. Saturday went to a sweet birthday party at the skating rink. Sunday we went to church and played games at the Eliason's. On Monday we were planning on laying in bed watching TV all day but then Justin and Dorothy asked if we wanted to go to some falls with them and we said YES!
please excuse my lazy, squished eye and the fatty zit on my lip.
The park had botanical gardens, they were gorgeous. 
Okay so these pictures won't rotate...dumb!

Justin and Dorothy
We ate lunch at Dunsmuir community part, it's a cute one. Then we went to Mossprey (spelling?) Falls in Dunsmuir. {Dorothy thought she knew where we were going (shes the only one who had been there or even heard of it) but we ended up having to text uncle Dwayne to ask for directions.} They are very pretty, I didn't get a ton of pictures because we didn't take our camera down to the falls {it's a long walk down rail road tracks and it was raining}. It was a good way to start off the summer, minus the rain.

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