07 August 2011

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant.
{at the doctor on Thursday I was measuring a few days ahead, but my due date is still February 22} 
Our baby is the size of a large plum but is well on it's way to the size of a peach. 
I have been feeling pretty fantastic. I get nauseous at night and when I don't eat every two hours, but have yet to lose my lunch or dinner or breakfast...or anything for that matter. 
I did have some serious hip pain this week, I have been so stinkin' tired...ALL the time, I am usually always hungry and according to Jeremy I get grumpy when I don't eat.
But I won't eat just anything...even though when Jeremy asks what I want that is the answer I give him.
I don't like: Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets, Meat of most varieties haven't sounded terribly delicious, vegetables (unless cooked in loads of butter), Eggs, Sweets haven't sounded too good either which is kinda sad. And then there is my usual won't eat list: pasta, fish (of all kinds), chocolate, tomatoes (unless it is salsa)...there is more but I do not remember the rest....that has been happening a lot lately.
Things that almost always sound good: Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Buttery Potatoes, Bean burritos with cheese and green sauce or taco bell sauce, fried rice, chow mien, tacos (especially jack in the box), soup! and lots of it, I really like Potato soup but my favorite is the Tascana soup from Olive Garden (I usually hate soup), Soft Pretzels, Pizza, bread sticks or rolls, Sub Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches...the list really goes on. 

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