07 August 2011

This weekend...
On Friday I went shopping with my mom and attempted to help her decorate her new office, then after we ate dinner with Jeremy's parents, we went shopping with my mom again, this time at ross, then we helped her get pictures for a picture frame. And then we used my moms phone to facetime Kelly and talked to her for a long time, she gave us a tour of her new apartment and told us all about her job interviews.
On Saturday we went up to Medford to tour our apartment (well what will hopefully be our apartment) we are in love with it. It's nice and little and cute and we really like it. There was another couple viewing it at the same time (it was a little awkward, but we already have our application in so HA! But if they become our neighbors when the apartment upstairs is open we would be okay with that, they seemed like nice people). After we saw it we went to this nifty little book store, well it's a book exchange, everything in there is FREE. The rules on the door said something like
1. If you see something and think it belongs somewhere else, move it.
2. If you feel weird taking stuff, don't.
3. If you still feel weird taking stuff leave a cash donation at the door.
4. If you have a few minutes ask the volunteer on staff what you can do to help.
5. If you have a lot of time ask about becoming a regular volunteer.
Then outside they had a shed that was the "drop box" so you could just leave your donations. When we left the lady was very disappointed we were leaving empty handed. And their is a sign on the door that says "2 dollars at the door with keep us going". It was a really cool place so if anyone ever comes and visits us and you want to go let us know and we will take you! We also walked around the mall for a while until I was tired and grumpy then we left.
When we got back to town my mom wanted us to come over and go through all their books and take what we wanted then Amanda and her family was in town so we stayed and visited for a while then we went to dinner with Amanda and Jeremy and then we went to black light miniature golf, when we realized we wouldn't be making it to any of the movies, and then we went to cold stone. It was a lot of fun! And that is the story of our weekend.

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