28 August 2011

We are finally all moved in. Thank you to everyone who helped us move, we really appreciate all the help. Really it went pretty fast, we had a lot of time Saturday afternoon to unpack and by Sunday afternoon our bedroom was 90% unpacked and 79% organized, our kitchen was completely unpacked, organized and clean (floors and all...because they were covered in a kinda gross black dust, I found that out by looking at the bottom of my feet) and fresh cookies were in the cookie jar (half from subway the others I made).
When it comes to furniture and sorta major things, we still need few. Our miniature Ikea couch looks a little smaller than I hoped in our apartment, and is a little more blue than grey, but lets just say I had to find a new use for our end tables that were a good four inches taller than the back of our couch. We are using my hope chest as a TV stand at the moment and my dear sweat lovesac is still squished in the corner, of what will be baby's room, behind boxes of books and empty picture frames. I crawled over to it today to take a much needed nap (nine o'clock church is way to early) and when I woke up I realized Jeremy had very lovingly made sure I had his favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with in case I needed it and his baby blanket laid over me. Also our kitchen is missing some semi-important things like a microwave, toaster, waffle iron, mixer and blender...but my very thoughtful husband remembered PAM when he was at the store other day (I had forgotten on half a dozen occasions) so we are more than good to go.
Over all we love our apartment! It has lots of windows for lots of light, which I really like! It's in a super good location, it is just the right size for us and just the right amount of boring and clean for us to make cute. Downside: no ceiling fans and a drier that takes three hours to dry and smallish-medium load. We are very happy to be in our own home and use all our stuff. We are doing well and are settling in.

As for a baby undate: I am growing out of my clothes but I am that awkward stage between regular clothes and maternity clothes...my shorts are a smiggin too small to be comfortable in them for long periods of time and I am trying so hard to get used to looking down and seeing a larger than usually pouch...so if you see me in basketball shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt try not to judge too much. Baby is about the size of a naval orange and weighs 2 to 3 oz. We are patiently waiting for October 10th to get here when we will finally know if we are having a boy or a girl.

On a side note...we don't have internet yet :/

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