05 February 2012

Some days I wonder how I remember to feed myself...well I know how, because my belly growls. Obnoxiously. But for reals, I seem to forget EVERYTHING thanks to this baby.
I use to be like a human calendar. You could tell me a date six or more months in advance and I would remember every detail about it. Birthdays, I knew everyones. I even remembered birthdays of some of the kids in my preschool class. The things I would remember were kinda pathetic, I could recall ever single conversation I had with someone or heard, where we were and what we were doing. I was one of those people that knew when you wore the same shirt twice in a week (or a month), even though I would never say anything about it.
Well starting right around the time I found out I was pregnant I have been forgetting everything! My best friends birthday. Fathers day. Calling people back. Where I put my wedding ring. Grocery lists. What I had for dinner the night before. How to get places. Every time we leave the house I think I am forgetting something.  I have also become very oblivious the things. Like conversations. Entire episodes of shows, they will play and I won't remember or pay attention to single thing that happens. I can read the same thing eight times and still not comprehend what I am reading. It is horrible.
Well the night of my baby shower when we got home I sat down and wrote out thank you cards so I wouldn't forget anything I got, or to write them. Seems logical right? Well I got them all ready to go and in a nice little pile and over two weeks later I realize I still haven't mailed them! I completely forgot about them! I finished them a little after midnight and so I wasn't about to take them to mailbox right then, so there they sit still on our island...anyway on my to do list for tomorrow, mail thank you cards!

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