02 March 2012

This picture was taken a few days ago but I think it sums up perfectly how our little buddy feels today.
It is safe to say that today was a pretty rough day in our house.

At around 3am Scott woke up hungry (totally normal) and my head was pounding and pulsating (not sure thats a word to describe head aches, but that is how it felt) with the head aches I have experienced since Scott was three days old. It had been a few days since I had had one so I was hoping they were gone for good, no such luck. Luckily after feeding him and going back to sleep it went away. 

Yesterday Scott's belly button started bleeding, which we read was normal so we weren't worried, we just kept cleaning it the way his doctor told us to. Until this morning, it started to smell. I was hoping it would fall off before his doctors appointment today so he could get a real bath before his appointment, but it didn't.
So when Jeremy got home from school we gave Scott a sponge bath, he HATES sponge baths. He loves being naked but hates water, don't know where he got that.

Then we went to the doctor. It was circumcision day.

Good new first: Scott gained almost a pound since his last appointment he was 8lbs 1oz, he is above to his birth weight! And in the 30th percentile.

As soon as we got him naked and weighed he started getting mad, I think he new what was coming.
The doctor came in and asked if we had any questions and went over the things that can go wrong. Talk about trying to worry someone to death...obviously there are risks with everything, there is probably a reason they had Jeremy read the paper and sign it and not me.
After about a half hour the doctor came out and told his that everything went really well and he did great, but he did bleed a little bit at the end. :/ 
Then the doctor happily told us that he cleaned up his belly button for us and it fell off! So glad I didn't have to deal with it when it fell off. They have always grossed me out beyond belief. 
When the nurse brought him out to us he was not happy, not even a little bit. He wasn't crying but you could tell he was sad. He just wanted to cuddle and did not want the nurse or doctor to open his diaper again. He just wanted to be left alone.
After the 15 minute wait for the bleeding check and getting all the instructions we put Scott back in his car seat and luckily this babe loves his car seat. Once we were in the car he just settled right down (until the first stop light...).
 I think Jeremy feels like the worst dad in the world. He was almost in tears hearing his crying at stop lights and said he is not sure he can have any of our future sons circumcised.
When we got home he took him out of his car seat and cuddled up on the lovesac with him. I tried to take Scott so Jeremy could eat dinner and he wouldn't let me. Jeremy said Scott needed some serious manly love. And I think it is true, he gets frustrated with me and cries and cries (Scott doesn't cry a lot, only when he is super hungry, or really doesn't want his diaper changed, he is a good baby).
So here is to hoping the next few days go by very quickly and little guy heals quickly. I realize that one day he won't appreciate me writing about his circumcision online for the whole world to read, but hey it's kinda our journal when I forget to write in our real one).

Scott has just been doing okay. He is taking his medicine really well (I can't blame him). He has been sleeping since we got home, and when he isn't he fakes it, he just doesn't want to be bothered. When we wake him up to eat he just cries and doesn't want anything to do with me, until he realizes he is kinda hungry then he will eat, but goes right back to sleep.

Things to remember for our next son: have the circumcision done in the hospital when he is itty bitty itty bitty (the birth place I delivered at charges an extra 200 dollars for the surgical tray so pediatricians refuse to do it there). And we would have done it earlier if his insurance didn't take so long to get straightened out.

Because no one wants to remember our baby as sad, here is a picture of little bear from last night when he was much, much happier than he is tonight.

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