17 April 2012


We have a lot of them, but not too many, you can never have to many.

I was always one of those people that said I was never going to let my child have a security blanket. It sounded horrible. My little sister had one, and her whole world would come crashing to an end if she didn't know where it was. It was Winnie the Pooh with silky binding on it. My parents hid it from her once, she was in preschool, hoping to break her of it. But somewhere, somehow she found a purple teddy bear one just like it. And that was the one she used until the Pooh Bear one resurfaced. She still spent every free minute looking for that blanket, many tears were shed. The blanket went everywhere with her, my mom almost always made her leave it in the car, but if she went out side to play so did the blanket. As you can imagine the thing was a filthy. It was washed often, but still... And I don't do filthy very well, I don't mind dirt. But filth, germs, grime, slime, mucus, what every you want to call it I just don't do it well. Ask Jeremy. I have a hard time touching shopping carts at certain stores, anything from Guatemala I ask if it has been sanitized before I touch it, I have serious issues with food borne illness, if it's been in the fridge for more than a few days to a week to me it is old, might as well be moldy, I am probably going to throw it away, don't eat that it'll kill you old. I have gotten better since having a baby (I'm still crazy about food though). But the idea of my child carrying a blanket around until he is five still kinda grosses me out. I don't mind if he sleeps with it every night until he is married, but is it necessary to carry it everywhere?

I realized this morning my child is nine weeks old tomorrow and already has a security blanket. I almost cried.

It's his brown and blue snuggle me blanket from Carter's. You know the soft fuzzy one, I'm pretty sure every baby has one.

Well i noticed at just a few weeks old he fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer when he had. He likes the brown side right close to his cheek. He is less fussy in the car with it and it is our warmest softest blanket. I thought maybe it was all in my head, so i tried to use different blankets, nope. No such luck. But I still didn't think it was all that bad, until it was dirty, for three days, like covered in spit up dirty.

And now I have a nine week old with a security blanket. I know attachment is good, but I really hope I don't have to talk my 17 year old son from taking his blanket to his first day of senior year.

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