17 May 2012

3 months. 
Scott turned three months old on Tuesday. I can't believe he is already so big. He is starting to have really good control of his head and neck. Continues to roll from belly to back and is trying his hardest to roll from back to belly. He is full of smiles, we are still waiting on giggles. He talks all day long, he loves to suck on his fists and fingers and in the past couple days he has been so fascinated by his hands and fingers, he just holds them up and stares at them and talks to them, and smiles at them it is so adorable. 
He goes to bed every night between 6 and 8, he wakes up two to three times during the night and is ready to be entertained as early as 5:30 am, we prefer the days when he sleeps until 7. We have noticed he is a MUCH happier baby with this new earlier bed time, but it can be very frustrating, especially since it is still bright out when he goes to bed. The other night I wanted to go on a walk and Jeremy said, "we can't, Itty Bitty's bedtime is in 20 minutes." and I said, "boo". Scott also takes three or four 1 hour naps a day. I think one of my favorite parts of the day is when I lay him in his bed and he just lays his little head down smiles and takes his pacifier, trys his hardest to keep his eyes open and ends up losing the battle. About three to ten minutes later he will start crying, when I go in to give him pacifier again, he takes it with his eyes still closed and sighs. It is so adorable. Before we started this new sleep schedule we were "listening" to his sleep ques, and I think we were missing them. He would cry and fuss every afternoon and evening, for hours, it was really starting wear us down, my sister suggested that we read Baby Wise, our home is a much happier place now. It turns out he was so tired. The kind of tired where he was fighting sleep. Now with set nap times we are all happier. We still struggle with figuring out the exact moment he wants to go to sleep, even between naps, but we are learning. He has also started this thing were he SCREAMS in the middle of the night, he doesn't start fussing as he is waking up, he wakes up and SCREAMS! and doesn't stop until he is fed, cuddled and falls asleep. No joke he will cry until he falls asleep (well it feels that way, I have a really hard time being awake and completely aware of my surroundings at 3am) but it is so much better and everything goes much smoother! He does not sleep well anywhere but his bed, being held the littlest things wake him up, in his car seat or stroller a little bump will wake him up then he will be so interested in what is going on around him that he will stay awake for hours, it can be a real pain at church, oh how I miss his sleepy newborn days. 
As much as I hate drool, spit, and silvia and still think his little drooley face is the cutest. I love when he wakes up and is laying in his bed smiling and talking, just waiting for me to come and get him. I love how he gets excited when we put him in his car seat and stroller (I don't really like when he starts crying once we get in the car...), he loves to go on walks and watch people. He loves being talked to, even by strangers...a lady at WinCo touched his hand the other day, I almost died...I love the way he looks in his little onesies, the kid has sooo many clothes but I never get him dressed in more than just a bodysuit/onesie, my absolute favorite are long sleeved ones. 
He is still wearing size 1 diapers, 3 month onesies, 0-3 month clothes, and his pants (when we put them on him) are still NEWBORN! He is a skinny little baby and 0-3 month pants slip right off of him. We don't have a doctors appointment this month so I don't have stats on him, I guess we could do that. :) He is eating very well, doesn't spit up much and his gas has gotten so much better since it was horrible around 6 weeks. We still use gas drops everyday, but it's not the end of the world if we miss them at a feeding during the day. We love Scott so much and can't believe how fast he is growing. We brings so much love and happiness to our home and we are both so grateful to have him! 
I was thinking today about how fast the last year has gone by, 11 months ago we found out we were expecting a perfect little baby, and it feels like just last week that I was driving around town with the windows down and I felt him move for the first time, I had felt him move before, but it was the first ligit, no doubt in my mind movement that I knew he was in there and doing somersaults. I loved everything about being pregnant and knowing that he was all mine and as long as we was in my belly I didn't have to share him with anyone. Sure I would let Jeremy rub my belly and talk to him, but he was still mine. Now I have to share him with Gma's, his daddy, family, friends, people at church and stop in the store to let little old ladys oh and awe over him. I love that he brings so much joy to so many people, but he isn't just mine anymore. I can't help but think how fast this year is going and will go by, the other day Jeremy and I were talking about a theme for Scotts 1st birthday party, I know it is still nine months away, but I have SO MANY IDEAS! I might just explode. I love planning parties, not what we are talking about here though. I get so excited every time my little boy reaches a new mile stone and I am so excited to see him meet all the hundreds of milestones that are in our future. 
I feel like people really don't see enough pictures of my child, so if you have instagram follow me, if not get it and follow me, jneb225 and here are more picture than any of you probably want to see. 

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