05 June 2012

Our weekend in Portland in pictures, sorry they are in a crazy order.

We started off the weekend by trading our Jetta in for an Edge. We loved the Jetta, more than most people love their cars but it was time to part ways. We needed a bigger car.

On Friday morning we went to Down Town Portland with Uncle Kelvin for VooDoo doughtnuts!

Then we went to these Chinese Gardens, it was strangely quiet for being in the middle of the city.  It was all very pretty, we weren't there long, but they were selling peonies (my favorite flower, tied with tulips) so I had to stop and look at all of them. :)  And the buildings were filled with super pretty photographs of all over China. 

Uncle Kelvin, Jeremy and Me

We had lots of cuddle time. 

On Saturday we went to Saturday Market and Bella Cupcakes. I went shopping with Julie and got a new skirt. Then we ate dinner at Calamity Jane's (no pictures :/ ).

Raspberry Lemonade, Banana Cream, Double (maybe tripple?) Chocolate,
White Strawberry Chocolate, Toffee, and Oreo cream. 
On Sunday we went to church, played games and spent time with family. 

On Monday we went to Multnomah Falls with Rob, Julie, Abby and Steve. 

I'm kind of bummed that we didn't take more pictures of the family we went to visit :/ But it was so good to see all of them. And nice to go north for a change. We had a lot of fun. 

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