01 August 2012

Disclaimer: this may sound a little like a soap box speech. 
I love it. I can't imagine why a person would feel different. I love that I can go anywhere and not have to worry about taking anything but my baby. Well I need a pacifier, blanket and diapers...you get my point. I love that when Scott wakes up to eat I don't have to get out of bed, turn lights on, make a bottle then worry about washing it later. I love that it is something only I can do for him. I love that he knows where his food comes from and how excited he gets when I sit down to feed him. I love that I know my milk was made for my baby and that it is the best thing for him. It is seriously one of the best things ever!
There are some down falls, it hurts like HECK the first couple weeks, but around 6 weeks we got the hang of it. It is harder to go out, I can't just leave him with someone and a bottle, if we have to go somewhere we have to plan for it for a few days. I am not a dairy cow, I'm not one of the lucky moms who can sit down and pump and ten minutes later have 6, 8, 12oz ready to freeze. The most I have ever gotten in 4oz, and I was so excited! I probably told more people than cared, kind of like now.
Breastmilk is like gold in our family. It is the only milk I will give my child, we have formula and I know it has been proven to be the second best thing for a baby, but it has been proven over and over again that breastmilk is the best milk for babies, so that is what my baby will get, I only want the best for him. And it will be the only milk he gets until he at least turns 1 or I stop producing. I don't like that Jeremy has only given Scott a handful of bottles in his entire life, which is my fault, I don't really enjoy pumping...it's time consuming, a lot of parts to wash and can be disappointing, and we like to keep a small stash in the freezer for emergencies.
I was worried that when we started solids Scott would start to wean, solid are the first step to weaning. But he still loves his milk. I don't think we have really even dropped a feeding, the one right before he eats is shortened, but 90% of the time he wants to nurse again after daddy feeds him food anyway.
I guess the point of this post was just to remind myself how much I love breastfeeding. And that I couldn't imagine going the formula route with our future children.

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