02 August 2012

Moose Camp 4th of July Party

Every year since I was 10ish, maybe younger, maybe older... we have celebrated the 4th of July on the Saturday closest to Independence day at my parents cabin. It looks something like this, kids riding around on bicycles, BBQ going, uncle Bruce making home made root beer for floats, lots of friends and family, sun burns and farmers tans, bug bites, red, white and blue EVERYWHERE, lots of food, loud music, dancing, trips to the creek, watching people get drunk, bingo and a horse shoe tournament. Lots of fun, and a whole lot of memories.
When I figured out the the Brown family camping trip was the same time as this long lived family tradition, I almost cried. I couldn't even imagine not going. But I put on my big girls pants and gave my regrets to my mother. Until she kept asking if we were going and if I'd help make this or that, and I kept saying, "we won't be there this year." Then I realized I had a baby who HAD to be there, he needed to be in the parade for the first time and I wanted to go.
So we made it happen and decided to leave the camping trip a day early. So after leaving the camping trip a little later than planned Friday, we made it home, showered and changed, stopped at Safeway for dinner and then headed to the cabin. We made it sometime after 10, we stopped watching the clock before we even made it to our house. Scott had a ROUGH last two hours in the car, and that didn't help.
The party was fun as always and i won $7 playing LCR! Not really gambling because my mom gave us all the quarters to play to with.

Again I am horrible at taking pictures!

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