21 May 2013

There is something about a little boy in overalls. It makes a cold rainy spring day brighter.
And this little boy in a pair of perfectly broken in second hand overalls was just what we needed today.

This little guy loves collecting rocks and playing in dirt, nothing makes him as happy as wind blowing gently through his little blond hairs while walking by himself down the side walk.
We indulged his daily desires until the sprinkles turned into rain and we had to drag that tot and his runny nose back inside, he did not go down without the fight. 

And for your viewing pleasures. My absolute favorite picture of Jeremy, I don't know that it can ever be beat. Look at those chunky little baby thighs! And pleeeease notice that he is pulling his overalls up so he can show off his legs. Not much has changed. And don't you worry, Scott has a pair of overalls just like that coming in the mail thanks to Gma Brown, who also loves a little boy in overalls. 

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