18 July 2011

So I fail at taking pictures. So you get some googled pictures...sorry. And the ones taken on my phone (I don't really know where my camera is at the moment...and besides that we only took like two). We had a great time on the family camping trip. We stayed at the Santa Margarita KOA. 
While we were there we went to Pismo beach a few times, saw Cars 2, ate lots of good food....bacon every day for breakfast : )....We also went to Hurst's Castle. 
We were a little disappointed in the "Castle". It just wasn't the prettiest place we have every seen, it didn't meet our expectations of a castle. It seemed like it was just a giant house full of a mich-match of stuff because he couldn't decide what he really wanted. I did like hearing the history of the place though...like...
It's really a cattle farm and has been for a long time. Mr Hurst used to camp on the property with his family as a kid. When he started building on the land he wanted a little cabin to continue to camp on the land...but turned into a much much larger place. Which leads to my favorite part: the dinning room; he set the table like it was when he was a little kid. As if the people there were camping. With ketchup and mustard bottles right on the table, I have a picture somewhere. I also loved the pools...not just because of the chlorine smell. The indoor pool has gold tiles...which were/are ordered from Italy. 

Once a year they auction off a "Swim for Ten" people, which usually goes for about $3,000-$5,000. Also when you retire from working there they let you jump off the diving platform. Another interesting fact...there is a section of the pool that is 3' deep and that is the women had to stay while swimming and the other part of the pool is all 10' (?). Also Mr. Hurst used to have animals all over like polar bears, zebras....I don't remember the rest BUT there is still a pack of zebras that roam that area, we didn't see it though :/ 
Other random pictuers....

 hats we saw on the peir....
 one of the 57 highways we took home...yes it was a two way highway.
 our wannabe starburst stone hedge. 
trying to keep myself entertained. 
We also played lots and lots of card games. Tried to stay clean (it was super dusty), avoided the flys and mosquitoes, and got a serious leg workout multiple times a day (the campground was on a hill...we were at the top and the only bathrooms/showers were at the very bottom). 

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