18 July 2011

We spent this past weekend up in Ashland and Medford. Jeremy had his Raider Registration (even though they are really Ravens...we're still trying to figure that one out). 
So this is what happened that morning...
7:05am leave the KOA campground we stayed the night at
7:20am get off the freeway and take the very long way through town to the shcool (that our not so smart smart phones told us to go)
7:35am find a parking spot and hurry to sign in (it stated at 7:30)
7:40(ish)am find the "Guest Sign-in" table...here is what happened.
{SOU lady: I like your shirt! (to Jeremy)
Jeremy: ...thanks...?
-we approach the table, holding hands-
SL: are you both students here?
Erin: No. 
SL: Student (to Erin) and Guest (to Jeremy)?
E: No. He's a student I'm the guest.
SL: Oh. Okay. Well this is the guest sign in, thats the student sign in (pointing across the court yard). You should probably go sign in. 
-J walks away-
SL: So are you a student at another college? Or are you in high school?
-seriously lady?! Yes I am a grown women in high school married to a man who graduated from high school six years ago-
E: (with the best smile I could muster up) Not right now. 
SL: Oh...well today if you would like you can walk around campus and get a feel for the place yourself. Or you could go to the workshops; but it's more parents. But siblings and support systems....and partners....can go too.
-Really? Do siblings often hold hands in these parts?-
E: Okay.
SL: Coffee and breakfast are inside, have a good day. 
E: Okay, thank you. 
7:47am Go and find Jeremy, we go inside for breakfast...to find carrot break, fruit and watered down OJ, delicious I know...
7:52am I realized that my dear husband had come to orientation dressed in school colors...I had to laugh; it was completely unnecessary, he did it completely on accident but still. He looked like a dorky ninth grader showing up to his first day of high school. I love him. 
{here he is all cute'n'junk with his Raven/Raider backpack wearing his school colors proud...}
Needless to say I didn't stick around for the "Becoming Empty Nesters and Supporting your Baby Through College Workshops. Instead I went and drove around Medford, became very familiar with a few parts of town...especially the mall. 

I do have to say it is a really pretty campus...and I even saw a deer!

Over all it was a pretty good weekend.

Oh best thing every! I went to Fred Meyers Side Walk sale and got three pair of running shoes (one for me, one for Jeremy and one for my dad) for like $80...it was FANTASTIC!

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