12 October 2011

At 21 weeks I have been craving everything spicy and pizza and sandwiches. Also juice is another thing I could drink non stop.
Tonight for dinner, it was delicious, we had baked buffalo chicken salad...so good (it reminded me much for a Windy's or McD's chicken sandwich, which I love but it was way better!
At the doctor the other day the nurse hinted that I was gaining to much weight (but then the doctor wasn't worried and I thought I was doing pretty good, so I'm still not worried). Also at the doctor I heard the baby's heartbeat, the doctor said it was perfect and that I was measuring right on track.
Clothes have been rough subject around here lately. My shorts still fit me just fine, but it's cold. So I have one pair of jeans that I wear every day! If you know me at all you know that I am insanely picky about my pants (when I was little I wouldn't even wear them) so maternity pants have done absolutely nothing for me yet...I'm sure eventually I will find a pair that I like, well lets hope so.

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