19 October 2011

It's no secret that fall is in the air. It is slowly cooling down and Christmas is only 67 days away.
But first Halloween, our Halloween wreath has been on the door since October 4th...can you tell? I'm ready!

(sorry it's sideways)
I've always loved Halloween, cute kids in adorable costumes, people to old to be trick-or-treating...still trick-or-treating. But you can bet your bottom that on November first our "late fall" wreath will be on the door because dang-it I'm ready for THANKSGIVING!
We decided this last weekend we are spending Thanksgiving with Jeremy's Family in Portland, no big deal (especially since my parents will be out of town). But then around 4pm today it hit me...I have one small issue...well in my own opinion it is a HUGE ISSUE.
Since the time I was itty-bitty little my Grandma Tavey has spoiled me rotten on Thanksgiving and made me ham! (Pretty much just for me and my cousin Troy, it's our favorite) I love ham, probably as much as I love bacon. Don't get me wrong I still eat turkey, but ham is where my heart will stay. So the problem? Most people don't eat turkey AND ham on Thanksgiving, in fact most people think it is wrong to eat ham on Thanksgiving, they say it's for Christmas (really people? It's for BOTH!).

Now I've had my fair share of bad Thanksgivings, there is the one I was in the hospital, the one where we ate at Denny's in Utah somewhere and I know not having Ham is not going to kill Thanksgiving. The year we had pheasant and tri-tip was a good year (and we had a ham and turkey dinner like a week before). But for me it really just isn't the same without it. Just so you know this is about what my plate looks like on Thanksgiving.

You can keep your soggy bread, green bean casserole and any other side people like on Thanksgiving. And dessert isn't necessary on Thanksgiving either. I'd rather eat more HAM, turkey, potatoes and rolls...just sayin'.

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  1. Erin, Erin, Erin....
    Of course you can have HAM on thanksgiving!
    All you have to do is just ask!
    Anything can be arranged for my most favorite Daughter in Law.
    Consider it done.