22 October 2011

Dear Island,
When we first walked through our apartment I loved you, you could even say it was love at first site. I love the extra counter space you bring to our home, the large cabinet in which you store most of our dishes and for heaven sake you even hold our silverware. But it's about time we had a serious talk, you have just one flaw, it's not just you all other islands have this problem too.
I don't know if it's your nifty location or the fact that your so open to all who pass by you, but you collect clutter. Crap that does not belong on any kitchen counter, lands right along your edges everyday. Today it became to much to bare, the piles of papers, catalogs, towels, crafts, yarn, bags, batteries, keys, glasses...everything really, was stacked unreasonably high. On a side note, you also like to hide stuff under the overhang on your backside, we'll work on that one later. It makes me want to scream. After what seemed like an eternity of clearing and cleaning you are back to your normal self, I'd appreciate it if your stay this way (reference picture below...only the glass dish that holds our keys belongs on you).
I came up with some ideas to help you stay free from clutter. 1. Learn to clear the junk off yourself. 2. When I am not using you to make food, turn yourself into a pyramid shape (that way we don't have to worry about the whole  flat surfaces thing). Or my final suggestion 3. Disappear until you are needed again. You can take my thoughts to heart or leave them, either way please stop collecting clutter!

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