22 October 2011

 I've been working on a lot of projects lately (one I've put more than 20 hours into and still isn't done) and I have finished a few. (Some of which are gifts so can't be shared, others have already been given away and I didn't take pictures...why do I always do that?!).
 I made a new cover for baby's Moses Basket (it was Jeremy's brothers when he was a baby).
When we were buying the fabric the lady asked if it was for a girl...so I'm not really sure how I feel about that yet...I think it's little boy enough. I also made a blanket to match.

These are the bird building blocks that I made (we still need a chick and penguin).
The dark gray one was the BIGGEST pain in the butt to make...that is why he is a little deformed, and no he is not an elephant, but thanks for asking. If you can figure out what kind of birds they are you get 10 points! 
And Jeremy's job this weekend is making this thing pretty enough for our little boys blue and grey room.
He also still has to repaint the baby's cradle and bookshelf, but we will do this one project at a time :D 


  1. So jealous you got a Baby Moses basket..FOR FREE!!! And I'm pretty sure we tried to steal that green dresser when we were home last. lol.

  2. I heart the bird blocks!!! Super cute. I love birds, those are awesome!

  3. The bird blocks rock! He is going to have so much fun with them. I love to see baby boy nursery ideas since I'm having a boy too.