25 October 2011

I would love to post a picture of the dresser but sadly it's not done yet.
(Kelly...about the dresser, dad texted me one day just before we moved and said, "We are throwing all your crap away that's in the garage, if you want it you better hurry". I thought to myself...What the H did I leave in their garage...? Well I went over and found that none of it was mine, but there was lots of other stuff that belonged to my other siblings I just happened to be the only one in town I still claimed some stuff like the dresser, some glass nobs for the dresser (but we decided they were to girly) and scrapbook pins. That day was also the only day during my pregnancy I got sick...knock on wood).
I found some places that need to be touched up and the nobs aren't done yet.

But here is a tie I made for babycakes (once again we think we have a name for him, different than the one I said we thought we had before, but I think we might keep it a secret). I'm still working on the other project I mentioned before, I'm hoping it's done by this week then I will share a picture with you.
 (Okay blogger I've had about enough of this loading my pictures the wrong way and not letting me rotate it.)

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