04 October 2011

A few things you should know about me...

  • In the fall I will zig-zag sidewalks and take the long way places just to crunch leafs. 
  • The smell of rain is my favorite. 
  • I don't like chocolate.
  • I love water. Drinking it. Swimming in it. Looking at it. Everything. 
  • I could sit and dream about my dream home for hours.
  • I am a worry wart and over think everything. 
  • I can go almost three weeks without shaving me legs (when I'm not pregnant).
  • I have always loved getting the mail.
  • I'm a people watcher...sometimes I don't even realize I stare at people. 
  • I don't drink soda. 
  • I hate the snow but want to experience a white Christmas before I die. 
  • Elephants are my favorite animal. And puppies.
  • Today I could sit and read a book for hours, but tomorrow I will probably wake up and want to throw every book I see against the wall. 
  • Cheesy movies are my favorite. 
  • I like to sneeze. 
  • I have more scars than I can count and that I have stories for.
  • I have a bucket list. 
  • I've never broken a bone...or been stung by a bee (as far as I know...possibly once but I didn't feel it so I don't believe it happened).
  • We're having a baby...it's human...a boy one to be exact. 

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