05 October 2011

pictures from today

I am officially half way done with my pregnancy! The baby has been moving around like crazy for a while. No one ever told that feeling a baby moving really did feel like a human inside of you (I don't know what I was thinking it would feel like, but it wasn't what I expected). Around ten every night is when the baby is really active and it starts to tickle right about then. I have been feeling really good but have had a hard time sleeping. My legs hurt all night long and I can't get comfortable, Jeremy says I complain about it all night. 
We had a doctors appointment today! Well really just our unltrasound. Everything looked good, from what I could tell, at our doctors appointment in two weeks we will know more. Baby weighed 13oz. If you don't know what it is yet you should read our blog more often...just sayin. 
It kinda took me by surprise when she said what it was...we were both thinking it was the opposite. But we are still very excited!
My bump is getting bigger. I can still wear some of my jeans comfortably and my shorts (they have to be held together by a hair tie) but started to wear maternity shirts a while ago, they are way more comfortable. My maternity jeans aren't comfortable, maybe I'll like them more in a few weeks?
We are working on stuff for the nursery, I'm not a fan of decisions.

On a completely different subject, Jeremy finished his first crocheted blanket! (I'll post a picture of that later).
He did a good job! I am very proud of him!
He really likes all of his classes and that they are on 10 week terms.
He is still looking for a job and is as adorable as ever. 

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