11 November 2011

Today I had a doctors appointment. Everything is going great. At my next appointment I get to do the gestational diabetes test.
After my doctors appointment Jeremy and I walked around some stores.
At Kid to Kid Jeremy found baby some cute shoes. (By the way it is my new favorite store!)
We found the corduroy we need to make the pants for babys blessing outfit at Joanns. (But didn't buy it...I don't feel the need for another project at the moment...and we forgot a coupon.)
Then we went to Lithia Park. We walked around and took some pictures.
Then baby and I dropped Jeremy off at class.
And because I had already been to the park I went to the artist emporium (not as great as it could have been, although there was a lady with a super cute baby corner, but it was mostly girl stuff :/ story of my life!)
Then off to the dollar tree I went...and for the first time ever today people could tell I was pregnant.
First the lady in the artist emporium asked if I wanted a kitten and the lady with the cute baby corner said "shes having a baby she probably doesn't need a kitten".
Then while looking at frames in the dollar tree a lady walked passed me then came back and gave me a flier for a breast feeding support group and said "I thought you might like one of these, I just made the copies." That made me pretty excited/happy.
And because I had more time to kill I went to the goodwill, for the second time this week...And they finally had most of their Christmas stuff out, so I bought stuff to make a wreath (which really Jeremy made...I don't think he likes that I tell people about his crafty side...you'll have to wait until Christmas time for a picture).
We had to get up earlier than usual this morning for my appointment, so on the way home from school all we could think about was dinner. We had breakfast burritos :D
We watched Monk.
We also made wishes at 11:11 on 11-11-11.

Isn't he just adorable?

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