05 November 2011

Three things have been weighing on my mind lately.
1. There are only 1,187 hours until Christmas (And only 20 days until my Husband will let me decorate), But where they heck are we going to put our Christmas tree? Do we move the love sack or couch into the babies room and hope no body comes to visit? (Moving the TV isn't really an option at the moment) Or put the tree right in the middle of our tiny living room?...
2. Where do people find cute little boys clothes that aren't cheesy as heck?! As flippin' awesome as I think my baby's daddy is I don't need our child wearing a shirt expressing it to the entire world.
3. The baby's nursery. We have decided that it is going to be grey and blue. Sounds easy enough right? Do you know how ridiculously hard it is to find fabric to match his room (I'm growing very frustrated on this topic). I decided to make the baby's bedding because lets be honest I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it (and haven't found one I am 100% pleased with). So issue number one. Textile designers really need to realize there are little boys in the world. And ones who don't need Disney characters watching them sleep. Number two. Grey is a color people! Why some people choose not to believe that I don't know. The little boy fabric that does't have Buzz Lightyear or Lightening McQueen on it has brown. Yes it's true brown and grey have been tied as my favorite colors nearly my entire life and my last name my be Brown but I really don't need my entire house decorated in brown. I spent like three hours on-line last night looking for grey fabric (I found a couple of options but am not 100% convinced I love them. (And the ones I think I do love are the most expensive, imagine that, which makes me love them less).
4. Jeremy has had three phone interviews this week (were waiting to hear about a possible in-person interview) and also another possible interview for a different job (we hope)....so keep him in your prayers. Thanks.


  1. For little boys clothes you should check out Kid-to-Kid if you have one in your area. There are stores have great sales- like amazing low prices but you have to check back pretty frequently because the good stuff gets snapped up quick! I have found cute stuff at Old Navy, Macy's (where I didn't think I would buy any baby clothes, but it was too good of a sale to pass up!), Ross (they have Carter's baby stuff at a lot of them).
    As for material, I'm sure you have checked out the fabric stores, but get the word out and have friends in other areas on the look-out. They can send you a pic of fabric if they see something that you are looking for in those colors. I agree, there are so many disney prints and not everyone wants disney for their baby. There are a lot of other cute designs though, although it is harder when you are looking for specific colors! Good luck!

  2. We do have a kid-to-kid and I love it!