15 November 2011

We have a name picked out.
I think we are keeping it a secret.
But if you would like to guess you are more than welcome to try.
It's not a family name. 
It's for sure a boy name. 
Jeremy picked the name.
(well I have always loved his first name but couldn't think of a middle name to go with it, so he actually picked it because I was leaning toward a different name.) 
If  by chance I already told you the name you can't guess.


  1. OK, I just want to note, that you're really not keeping it a secret if you've already told someone -- and by the way, that someone wasn't Ken or I (lol)!! We'll give it some thought...let's see...Jeremy came up with it...think Star Wars....

  2. It was Grandma and Bryce and they had to guess it too.