15 November 2011

I decided I should add a hint to make your job a little easier.
Hint: Yes Jeremy did pick a name, but no it is not a star wars name.

As much as he loves Star Wars I won't let him name our child after the movie or any character in it, or decorate our nursery in Star Wars...he thinks he has convinced me to dress baby up as Yoda next year for Halloween...We will see about that. Although I have only seen all the movies once (with the exception of episode one, I saw it with my cousins when it came out, and there is another one I have seen parts of before with my dad...but as you can see with my serious lack of knowledge on the series I don't even know which one it was...the rest is a hazy mess from our six episode marathon... I can't even keep the characters straight...and I have peg dolls (that I made) of them sitting in my entry way and I can't name them) so he could be tricking me into something.

Good Luck with your guessing.

ps. The people who already know guessed as well.

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