20 November 2011

It was supposed to snow this weekend. We waited very patiently for the beautiful whiteness to start falling from the sky. And it never did. Well it did but not our apartment.
On Friday (after spending a large amount of time clearing out baby boys nursery) we decorated for Christmas! We are well aware of the fact that Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet but come on people! Christmas only happens once a year! AND it is one of my favorite holidays, I just love the smell of the cold air, burning wood stoves, baking cookies, everything about this time of year. I patiently wait all year (not so patient in the fall) for stores to put out the Christmas stuff and when they do I walk through the department over and over and over again. You'd think I'd get bored of it but it's not possible. And you can't really decorate for thanksgiving, sure you can decorate for all and add turkeys, but they aren't the cutest animal and I was sick of my fall decorations, they had been up since September. And it's not like we are eating thanksgiving dinner at our house, so we are just getting extra prepared for Christmas.
So we put up our tree and set up our nativity and a few other things while we watched Elf and sipped apple cider. It was perfect.
(we know we don't have a tree topper, but we kinda like it without it)
On Saturday we met my dad in Weed and picked up the Shark. She is spending part of her Thanksgiving break with us and I think she is already bored out of her mind, we try to entertain her but for some reason a seven year old's attention span is about as long as a three year old's. We did get to see a bunch of snow on the drive, it was so so so pretty. Lets be honest though, as pretty as it was I slept through the prettiest part on the way back home, it has become nearly impossible for me to stay awake in cars.

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