20 November 2011

excuse the awkwardness of this picture, Candace asked for one so I took one real quick then never had Jeremy take a better one...
Baby/Nursery Update.
We are working on working on the baby's nursery. Yes as in we are trying to convince ourselves that it needs to get done, we only have 13 weeks before this babe is supposed to be here (holy...that is so soon! but we are excited).

To do list:
Finish Dresser (CHECK!) 
Paint Bookshelf 
Paint Cradle
Get a Crib...
Make bedding for Crib
Make bedding for Cradle
Clean out/organize Room (most of a CHECK!)
Print pictures for family tree wall {Total side note to my Mother in Law: Jeremy is supposed to ask you but never remembers, but either do I...I need a pictures of family when they were babies or little kids, can you help? Starting with Jeremy, you, Ken, Gma and Gpa Brown, Nana...people like that. Scanned copies would be great!...anything you can get me would be perfect, if you can't get them super young that is totally fine}.
Spray paint frames for family tree
Figure out what exactly I am doing with this "family tree wall..."
Find a picture of the temple I like to hang in nursery
Find fabric I like (the WORST task of all!)

I'm sure my list is a million and half times longer than this, but most of you probably don't care any way. I just started and couldn't stop.
Pinned ImagePinned Image
I'm think something like this might end up in my childs room...creepy? I hope not.

The baby is still moving like crazy which makes us happy. I'm still sleeping pretty well, minus my limbs falling asleep and me waking up in pain. I crave mostly junk like onion rings, corn dogs, ice cream, milk shakes, pizza, bacon...I have actually only given in to the last two...mostly because we don't have the others. Oh and salsa, but I can't find salsa I like anymore. It all tastes to sweet, to tomatoey (sounds crazy I know) or isn't spicy enough...really I think I just need to go to Redding and eat at Puerto Vallarta or maybe Chevy's. Other than the occasional difficultly breathing and discomfort in my rib cage, we are doing very well. Some days I look a lot more pregnant than others, but I feel pregnant EVERYDAY. Also it is getting a little bit hard to get out of the Jetta.

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