20 November 2011

You only have 94 days left to guess baby boy browns name! And no one has tried so far :( I'm not that heart broken...but you could at least try. 
Rule: If you have already guessed correctly (Gma Baker) you aren't aloud to play.
1. It is a little boy name (not so gender neutral friendly).
2. To the best of our knowledge it is not a family name on either side.
3. Jeremy picked it. 
4. It is NOT a Star Wars name. (no his name will not be Yoda, Jar Jar, R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, and there is already a Luke in the family). 
*NEW* 5. It starts with a consonant.


  1. I already know it, right?

  2. yes. I forgot I told you...you were the first person we told.

  3. Oh wait, that's a girl's name.