24 November 2011

Yesterday was the official start of my third trimester. And with that came a few things. I'm pretty sure my belly pocked out an extra few inches, tiredness (there is a better word for that, I just can't think of it) and a little bit of occasional swelling of my lovely ankles (mostly just when I stand for long periods of time and it's not bad at all, thank goodness).

We ended up going to Redding for the Thanksgiving this year because Jeremy has to work at midnight and Portland just wasn't going to work out, bummer. It was still great though.
On Wednesday Jeremy worked for his parents a little bit and cleaned our head lights, we ate delicious food from Wilda's Grill (so good, you should go...the pastrami sandwich and fries are the bomb!) and then helped my mom put up Christmas stuff.
This morning I woke up right at nine to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it was as perfect as ever (and so was my cinnamon toast crunch). Then we went to my parents house and had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey, roasted ham, smoked turkey (so good), rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, jello salad, stuffing, green bean casserole, coconut cream pie, pumpkin pie, some kinda of chocolate cake and minced meat pie (minus the meat). Although I only eat ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls...I'm sure it was all perfect. It looked and smelled so good.
We had to leave right after dinner to make sure we could make it home for work tonight, but it was still great to spend time with family. Thankfully the weather was good while we traveling. We listened to Christmas music most of the way home (well, I heard it when I wasn't asleep). Do you know how nice the drive up I5 is when there are almost no cars? It is so wonderful!
I am excited to go shopping while Jeremy is patiently helping crazy, tired people all night long. Not that I am really buying anything but it's kinda necessary to go shopping on Black Friday to kick off the Christmas season. I love the crowds, the cold, the music, and the lines.
I am thankful for my handsome Husband, my healthy growing baby, and all our family and everything they do for us. And the time I had to spend with all of them.

OH! And I got dear antlers! There are my dads from one of his hunting trips to Montana, They need to be cleaned up but they will be so perfect for baby boys room...if you are wondering what the theme of his room is...I really don't know, I just hope it turns out. So far we have a Caribbean blue dress, dear antlers, an old oil can and...old picture frames. If you have ideas for my craziness let me know. That'd be FANTASTIC!

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