03 December 2011

Happy December!
A few things...
1. We both have callings in our ward.
Jeremy is the secretary in elders quorum.
And I teach CTR 4.
2. Jeremy's last week of school is this week and he is excited to be done.
3. The ward Christmas party is tonight and our house smells like home made rolls. Delicious :D
But I am getting frustrated, the arent rising like they should! Well they did them I put the, in the oven and they went flat. Dumb.
4. My red toms (my everyday shoes...aka my current favorites. My blue ones are bleach stained. And my elephant ones don't fit as nice and every time I wear them Jeremy steps on them and they are white...) have a whole I'm the toe. Tragic. But I have worn them almost everyday for a year.
5. Lastly I am getting larger...not horribly excited about that. I am dying to wrap up in a cocoon and sleep on my belly like I used to do. Also I am always tired. I could sleep all the time and as a result our house is becoming increasing messy.
6. This one is really the last one. We are working on the nursery, I'm excited to share pictures. Hopefully I remember.

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