05 December 2011

A series of events happened today that made me miss Redding.
one. There are 10 gazillion speed bumps in this city and I AM SICK OF IT! and I might have accidentally scraped the Jetta's bumper on a couple (it was an accident I promise, I was going so slow I though I wasn't going to make it over the speed bumps). But people is it really necessary to have 30 in one parking lot? I may exaggerate a lot but that was not even a little bit of an exaggeration.
two. I miss just about every store in Redding. Those of you who live in Redding and have had to shop in another city know what I am talking about. Lets take Target for example you walk into another city's Target and you think this place is backwards! Well really it is Reddings Target that is backwards, but every other store in Redding is to. But I like it that way, it makes since to my little dyslexic brain. You'd think being dyslexic would make this easier to just adjust, nope. It just makes it more confusing.
three. Living in the same city nearly my entire life resulted in me knowing what parts of town were the scary parts. Still learning where these parts are here...oh and for those of you who don't know I am a little more than slightly paranoid about creepy things.
four. Jeremy started a new job today, thankfully, one with a lot more hours, about the same as the hours he worked in Redding. I like that he has a big person job again, but now what am I supposed to do with my time? In Redding I could go visit Gma, my parents, cousins, go on walks with Dorothy, or sit with Holly, or go visit my favorite sister and her kids for the day but those people aren't here. So I walk through the mall, frequent thrift stores and...well that's it really. I know there are people here I can visit but it's not like going to Gmas and eating pretzels out of a jar.
five. Jene. Yes as in the lady who cuts our hair. We miss her. Terribly. Jeremy is in desperate need of a hair cut and my dead ends have been dead for far too long. {Oh on a side note, a little old lady confused me for Priscilla today and sat down and talked to me, at first I thought she might be one of the lady's in our ward but I remember faces pretty well and didn't recognize this one so I just pretended like I knew her, she sat down and started talking to me, then she realized I wasn't who she thought I was. She said because of my hair I look just like Priscilla, she even asked me if I knew who Priscilla was or if I had been confused for her before. Not the most awkward moment of my life.} Anyway we need to go visit Jene, she gave us a name of friend up here, but lets be honest I have issues just letting anybody cut my hair, I am not sure why, but I do.
I always loved Redding, I wasn't ever really one of those kids who said "I can't wait to get out of this town!" and now I know why...other cities just aren't the same, ya know?

PS I don't mean to sound like I hate this city. In fact there are a few things I really like about it.
one. No sales tax (well that is the whole state I guess).
two. We had an actual fall (Redding doesn't usually get one and I like that about Redding, but not so much while pregnant).
three. All the places I need to go are within a couple miles of my home and all near eachother (with the exception of winco).
four. The ratio of crazies seems to be a more reasonable number here.
five. Not as many bums and panhandlers here, from what I can tell.
six. There are antique stores EVERYWHERE!
seven. a lot of local businesses are closed on Sunday "to enjoy church and family".
eight. It is a pretty city, surrounded by a lot of pretty things.

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