05 December 2011

Random facts about two other things happened today:
The first snow of December 2011 happened last night. I missed it, Jeremy witnessed it. As soon as he told me (after he left this morning) I ran to the window, and there was none. Tragic. 
We learned that this guy graduated from SOU in 1993. Crazy Right? Ten years before Jeremy will.

With only 79 days until Baby is due I thought I'd give you another hint if you wish to guess his name.
New Hint: It is five letters long.
Old Hints:
It is a male name (not so gender neutral).
Not a family name, to the best of our knowledge.
Jeremy picked it.
Not StarWars related.
It starts with a consonant.


  1. Ok, so the one name that kept coming back to me is wrong. Jackson was the name that kept running round in my head. Five letters long and it starts with a consonant?? I will start my guessing with ... Blake.

  2. Jackson was on our list for a long time, but it's not the one we picked.
    And no it's not Blake, that was one of Jenes guesses a while back, crazy.