22 December 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Let me catch you all up. 

We have spent almost every weekend in Redding this month. Just quick trips, some less than 24 hours.
(so if you are wondering why you haven't seen us that is why. Between the planned activities and Jeremy's work schedule we are constantly in the car driving up and down I5. Good news is the trip seems shorter every time, bad news is we are getting very sick of the drive) 

I cut all my hair off! Still getting used to it, but I think I like it. 
{Thank you Jene for working on a Saturday, just for us. Your the BEST.}
We helped at my moms work Christmas Party. 
We chased my parents cat and dog around until we could get this elf hat on them. They enjoyed it, don't let them fool you. We watched Phoebe, my parents polish chicken, try and work herself up the pecking order.
Then we went and watched Amanda's kids for a few hours, it was so fun. We missed them all (and still do), totally worth the extra 3 hours in the car.

The next weekend we hurried to Redding after my Glucose test to see Mannheim Steamroller with Jeremy's parents. It was fun. 
I don't know why people complain about the glucose test so much, I really didn't mind it, and would do it again. They did tell me I am slightly anemic, but other than that I am as healthy as can be.

On Sunday Jeremy had to work. So I went to church by myself. Again.
I was supposed to be teaching the four and five year olds but they really needed me to teach the seven year olds, completely different lesson. So they got a mash up of the two lessons.

Jeremy has worked everyday for the passed two weeks (almost three) which is really good but he is getting tired. On Tuesday I managed to get him back out of the house to go look at Christmas lights with me. And we were very disappointed with the people of Southern Oregon. Jacksonville was beautiful but other than that there were hardly any light, even after visiting most of our surrounding cities.

Our Christmas plans are kinda still up in the air, weather permitting. And Jeremy works Christmas Eve and the 26th.
But we should be spending it with all our family.

We've been working on the baby's room more, I am so ready for it to be done! uhg, I feel so unorganized! As soon as it is all done we will share pictures.
Anything else we have done doesn't stand out in my mind, oh well.

We wish you all the very best this holiday season!

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