03 January 2012


We are excited for this year! Mostly because baby comes this year!...actually next month, crazy huh?

We aren't up to much these days...
Our Christmas stuff is mostly put away (we had to leave town in a bit of a hurry so some of the mess was saved for another day).
Jeremy's school starts next week...this time next year he will be starting (hopefully) the last semester of his bachelors degree, I'm excited.
At my doctors appointment last week all was well, he is head down and kicking my ribs more often than he was a few weeks ago...we tour the hospitals birthing center this Saturday and the nursery will hopefully be done by the end of the month. Fingers crossed. (We can hope right?) 
Speaking of Baby...Only...
On a side note...for those of you who don't know baby's name yet {okay so we aren't so good at the whole secret thing...} here is your new clue.
-It is a boy name-
-It's not a family name, as far as we know-
-Jeremy picked it-
-It is not from Star Wars-
-It starts with a consonant-
-That consonant is S-

PS a Christmas post might be on the way...if you do ever get to see one it'll be picture-less. 


  1. So exciting - only 50 days left! Lets see..my guesses for names are

  2. It's not any of those! Seth is such a cute name though and has been guessed a lot (especially by younger siblings).