31 January 2012

Did you know that if our neighbor was one the FBIs top 10 wanted fugitives we would have no idea? We honestly have no idea what is going on the world. We know that the super bowl is coming up, only because of commercials on hulu, status updates on facebook, and grocery store displays. When it comes to current events and news we are completely clueless. In the check out line at the grocery store today we were surprised to hear about a cruise ship sinking over two weeks ago? Had NO idea. We really do live in our own little world up here, and we both kinda like it. It makes the world seem like a happier place and we can't complain about that.

We are working on squeezing in some dates before baby gets here and are hoping to make it to the temple this week. 

I was hoping to post pictures of the nursery today, but they will have to wait until later this week. I am very happy to say that it almost done. All we have left to do is hang pictures and put batteries in the swing and bouncy seat and we will be 100% ready for this baby.
I'm excited to go to my doctors appointment on Thursday and see what she has to say. Tomorrow I will officially be 37 weeks aka full term. But this whole five week span of being considered full term is kinda starting to kill me, the idea that this kid could be inside me for over another month is horrifying. I am so ready to hold my little guy and cuddle him and kiss him and stare at him! His closet is full of adorable clothes, his bed (both of them) is made, his swing, stroller and bouncy seat are assembled, his car seat is sitting by the door waiting till the last minute to be installed, his diaper bag is packed and he has more clothes, blankets, hats, mittens and socks in our "Go Bag" than Jeremy and I have (of everything) combined. My goodness come on baby!
I have been growing increasingly uncomfortable. It has gotten easier to breath but my hips and back ache. Sleeping at night doesn't really happen for me. I'll be tired and fall asleep around midnight and wake up sometime between three and six wide eyed and bushy tailed. Sometimes ridiculously hungry (it usually hits a while after I wake up), with a full bladder, hot and sweaty and feeling nauseous. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to die, okay not really, but it is miserable. My best sleep comes from my "morning" nap from around 8 or 10 until noonish, which makes me feel so lazy and like I do NOTHING all day. Jeremy usually gets home around the time I am finishing getting dressed and doing my hair for the day. I wear yoga pants as my every day attire, even when we go places...only because I am too lazy to put on jeans and tennis shoes have been a lot more comfortable lately and they look silly with boot cut jeans. I am running out of shirts that cover my belly completely and I now have six stretch marks, each about 1.5" long on my lower belly, three on each side. None of these are among my proudest moments. I was a little bit excited for my first stretch mark, just so I could say I had one, but then more showed up and all the excitement fled. Completely.
I have had a few contractions over the last week, usually a couple each night, but nothing too exciting. Braxton hicks contractions seem to be happening all day, every day. My hips are spreading, and so are my feet. My gums are grossly sensitive (it just started this week, probably because I have had a stuffy nose and sleeping with my mouth open). I only weight about ten pounds less than my husband. I have cleaned a good portion of our house in the passed couple days and I am growing impatient. All signs that this baby better will be here soon. Get excited people, there are only 22 days until his due date!

One a more important (to some people) note: Star Wars Episode I in 3D comes out in TEN days!

Holy smokes people! I just thought I should share, it has been a common topic in our house lately. Jeremy's biggest concern: "What if baby comes before we get to see it?!" My biggest concern..."What if he doesn't?" Just kidding, I'm a little bit excited for it too. But really if I am that pregnant at a movie can I sit for that long (I couldn't even sit at church the other day I had to stand/walk the whole time)? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Is anyone still playing our name guessing game? If you are, and you haven't figured it out yet let me give you some hints...
-It is a boy name-
-It's not a family name, as far as we know-
-Jeremy picked it-
-It is not from Star Wars-
-It is five letters long-
-It starts with a consonant-
-That consonant is S-
-There is only one vowel-