26 January 2012

Eleven months ago today we were married in the Oakland Temple for time and all eternity. It's crazy to think that in a month it'll be a full year! And that we will most likely be celebrating it with our baby boy. 

This evening we went to Sportsmens Warehouse to look for an antler mounting kit, they really need more options, I think we decided to create our own mounting technique. Then we went to Costco, mostly for the exercise, after wondering the electronics for 30+ minutes we remembered we needed light bulbs, we got a CRAZY good deal on them by the way. Energy efficient vanity bulbs for 1.99 for a box of 4! We were a little bit excited and we are hoping it helps with our electric bill.

Baby update:
At my doctors appointment yesterday baby had a heart beat of 130.
I had a weight gain of 1.
My blood pressure was, in the nurses words, "just perfect like usual".
And as of today we have exactly four weeks until this babe is due.

As we started a new (old) season of the Biggest Loser on Hulu today, we realized that baby could be here before we finish it, crazy!
I am excited! Jeremy is getting nervous.

Today I noticed it was a little bit easier to breath and my ribs didn't hurt nearly as much, I'm thinking this baby is getting ready to come, I know it could still be weeks and should be at least another one. 
I feel a lot more movements around my hips (which is VERY different) and there have been sore lately. All good things from what I understand.
Oh! and you know how I was saying I hadn't felt the baby have hiccups? Well I was talking to Jeremy and he was like "I feel them every morning, while your still asleep and I've never been able to figure our what they are!" Well since then I have felt them. It is kinda cool. 
I am still crazy tired. All the time, except when I should be... and I have started craving sweets more, not such a good thing.

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