22 January 2012

My tiny baby boys due date is only a month away! Who's excited?!

I would say I have had a pretty productive evening today.
I made dinner and sent Jeremy off to work. I took all the little clothes I got at my baby shower off the hangers and pulled the tags off so they could be washed. I assembled the crib, all by myself, without instructions (it didn't really come with any...well they were for the wrong crib so didn't do anything for me anyway). Moved some boxes out of my baby boys closet. Reorganized the closet. Decided the dresser was in the wrong spot...and might have moved it by myself. Search and search for the perfect bedding and rocking chair cushion...and failed. Realized I really need to finish this baby's painting so it can be hung. Checked the clothes in the dryer after it buzzed and realized they needed at least another 100 minutes. Yes you heard me right 100 minutes, you think that's crazy? Sometimes it takes our dryer 300 minutes to get a load mostly dry, the apartment people have had it looked at and they say it's fine and normal... Looked some more for bedding, got more frustrated than I already was. Wrote a to do list for tomorrow. Cleaned up the trash of babies floor. Blog stalked. Facebook stalked. Look some more for bedding options. Started looking at fabric. Realized how over the idea of sewing I am. Looked at more crib sheets and skirts and quit. Decided I should write a post (more of a rant...) put on my big girl pants and go look at fabric tomorrow. Now my baby's itty bitty clothes are calling from the dryer and my husband is on his way home. But I will be back soon with a baby shower post.

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