13 January 2012

and the count down continues...
With only 40 days until our due date:
I am extremely tired. every. single. day.
I am hungry all the time. I heard that was supposed to go away toward the end of pregnancy, nope. Not for me. It has gotten worse.
I want cake. I think about it constantly, I don't think I have eaten any since I have been pregnant, weird. (lies, at my parents anniversary party but that was before I knew I was pregnant). 
I had to sleep on the lovesac last night. Killer heartburn. The worst I have ever had. I think it was from the spicy cup of noodles I had for lunch.
My back kills. Almost every day.
I don't appreciate whoever decided to put the seat adjusters in cars just out of reach of pregnant ladies. Not funny, if you thought it would be.
I woke up on Sunday with what I thought was pink eye, Jeremy disagreed. But since then my eyeball gets red and goopey. I don't know what it is but it is almost gone, I'm not worried.
This week I went to a breastfeeding class. I dreaded going (it was a WIC thing, sometimes those people are too nice and get on my nerves...wow I sound like a horrible person) it started at 10am (which some days seems way early than it should) and Jeremy's school started at 1030 twenty miles away and we only had one car...more on that later... Anyway I am so glad I went I learned so much, she talked a lot about stuff I had already read but wasn't sure about and it really helped clear somethings up. I do wish Jeremy was able to go though. She also talked a lot about birth.
I started off the week working a lot on the nursery. Now I have two half finished (okay, more like quarter finished) projects on the living room and dining room floor. And Jeremy has one. I am really trying to get the energy (and flexibility, oh how I miss being able to reach stuff and bend over, I know those thing won't come back until the baby comes...) to finish.  Our new goal for a finished nursery is February 1st (our original goal really wasn't attainable, let's be honest). 

I still love being pregnant. Even though this post may not seem like it. Baby boy is as wiggly as ever. I don't think I have ever felt him have the hiccups...is that normal? I thought about that the other day when I read that someone loved feeling their baby's hiccups. Maybe he hasn't gotten them or he gets them while I sleep? Or maybe I just don't notice. 
I still get a lot of kicks in the ribs and some random punches in my sides and the rolley polley feeling I have gotten so used too. My favorite is when he pushes out on my belly and stretches and I can feel his tiny body parts. And when he tries to bump something off my belly...like a computer or book. But oh man am I ready to hold my itty-bitty baby and cuddle with him and kiss him.

Jeremy's started school back up this week. He is really enjoying it. His schedule is a million times better compared to last quarter. That should help with the job search. (Both of his seasonal jobs ended, by the way).

The next item I need to speak to you about: the first snow of the year. It is supposed to happen this weekend. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday actually. I'm a smiggin more than excited. As much as I hate snow we need it to complete our Family Bucket list for this month. Snow that close to my baby shower makes us a little bit nervous, but the moutain roads should be cleared by then so no need to fret. And I am so excited for this weekend because I'll finally be able to wear my rain boots!...and not just for fun! And I am really excited about my baby shower!

Jeremy is sick. He even said it. He tried to cover up that he said the words "I'm sick" but he couldn't. He just has a little head cold, and he says he feels just fine. But being around sick people makes me miserable, I get grumpy. The sniffles and nose blowing...hopefully he starts feeling better soon.

So back to the one car thing...Some days I hate modern transportation, well not really. I do enjoy having a easy and convenient way to get anywhere and everywhere I want, whenever I want...a lot. But I was getting pretty close to the feelings of hatred when Jeremy got home on Tuesday. Jeremy almost always takes the corolla to school, it just gets a little bit better gas mileage and he says the Jetta is safer for me and baby. Well on Tuesday he was coming home from school and the "check engine" light came on. Then it died on him. Twice. He made it home safe but it was still idling funny. 
A small piece of information: as long as I have had the corolla it has made this goofy noise. My dad had it looked at once and the guy said it was nothing. I have to give a warning to everyone when they go to drive my car and explain it to everyone who hears it because naturally when you hear a friends car making a weird noise you worry.
Anyway on Wednesday morning he took it to the mechanic down the road and he told us that one of the cylinders wasn't working, our battery failed the test, our transmission needed to be flushed and...there was something else. And that it wouldn't be done until Thursday afternoon. Fantastic! Anyway now we have our corolla back. In one piece. And it works. It still makes that goofy noise, for those of you wondering.

My next doctors appointment is on Tuesday and I start going weekly after that. Crazy. I am getting so excited! I really wish these next six weeks would just hurry up already!

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