08 March 2012

1. Today was a beautiful day. We went for a walk around the neighborhood then came home put on shorts and opened all the doors and windows.
2. I'm slightly disappointed in the birth announcements I ordered.
3. This kid likes to stop breathing while he is sleeping. Oh and he makes these goofy little noises. I noticed it one night and kind of freaked out on Jeremy. He got out all our books and read that it was normal, so I put it on our list (it was the only thing on the list) of things to ask the pediatrician at our appointment. Well while my parents were here for his blessing they both noticed it (at separate times) and said he does it more than any baby they had ever seen (and they have seen lots) and they were worried about it. So the next morning at our appointment I asked our doctor. He watched Scott sleep for a while and called it periodic breathing and said it was completely normal and not to worry until he stopped breathing for 20-30 seconds or turned blue. Well my mom was still worried, especially if those things were to happen at night and helped us find this monitor. He really doesn.t mind it, even though this picture would tell you different... Anyway it vibrates after fifteen seconds of him not breathing to rouse him, and if he doesn't breath for five more seconds it starts alarming like crazy! We haven't gotten the alarm yet, but it has buzzed a few times. It is kinda of a cool little gadget.
4. I really need to pack for our little weekend trip.
5. Scott also thinks it really cool and cute to be wide awake at night, when we should all be sleeping. He does his normal, sleep, eat, get changed, be wide awake for a little while thing all day long. But in the evenings he forgets the wide awake part and just goes back to the sleeping part, same with the late mornings. Because when bed time comes (between 10pm-1am, depending on his feedings) and he is wide awake for at least to an hour, during this time he expects to be talked to, with the lights on, he prefers to be laying on our bed with both of us there talking and playing. And then when he finally goes to sleep he wakes up between 2 and 5 he wants to be changed and feed then held and sung too and that can take up to an hour to get him back to sleep. Not every night is like this, but the past few nights have been pretty bad. But he is pretty dang cute, regardless of what time it is and how tired we are.

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