12 March 2012

There is a first time for everything. We tried a few new things today...
1. Kale chips, they were super good.
2. Sleeping until after noon with my baby.
3. Realizing our sliding glass door was left unlocked all weekend long, while we were gone.
4. Locking ourselves out of the house. 

We were invited to dinner at our bishops house tonight. When we left Jeremy took Scott out while I found a sweatshirt so I locked the door behind me (knowing he was already in the car, with the keys). 
At about 830 we get out of the car at home and Jeremy realizes he grabbed the wrong car keys, the ones without the house keys.
After some thinking and trying to break in (if only we hadn't realized the sliding glass door was unlocked early and locked it) we decided we needed to call a lock smith or go to a hotel until our rental office opened. We decided to call the locksmith, we were back in our cozy little home by 9:10.

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