14 April 2012

I love projects! But let's be honest here, I hate finishing them! It's a family thing, according to my mother, those of us who suffer from it get it from our dad. It's not that we never-ever finish them we just always have to have one. My oldest sister explained it best when she said "I feel like I'm going to die if I don't have an unfinished project. Like the other day I finished a dress for Bekah and realized I didn't have an unfinished project so I had to cut out pieces for another dress even though I wasn't going to sew it. If I didn't I probably would have died. Seriously." and I agree with her 100%.
I could have all the energy, motivation and time in the world and I wouldn't finish a project if I didn't have another one started. As of right now I probably have a handful of partial projects.

Well I am very happy to say today I finished a project, without even thinking of dying (probably because in the back of my mind I remember all those unfinished projects?). I started it on Thursday and finished this afternoon. New record? A project done in days now weeks or months...or years...

They are two of my parents old kitchen chairs. They had seen probably 20 years of dirt and dust, spilled juice and dropped plates, little feet climbing on them to get unreachable treats and dishes and they stood as the pillars for hundreds of forts built by each of their nine children. They have fallen apart, been nailed and screwed back together and recovered more times than anyone remembers. And now they are ours, I am sure they will see just as much excitement with us, I make messes way to much! In fact I spilled milk this morning...and just spilled apple juice on the floor about an hour ago...I think Jeremy is going to make me drink from a sip-a-cup soon.

We decided to paint them white (well I decided, I think we all know how Jeremy feels about white furniture, "it's...old lady"). I had a hard time finding fabrics I liked, it was all light colored, so yes we are "those people" with plastic on our chairs, judge away.

I didn't take before pictures :/ but if you have ever been to my parents house you've seen them. I am excited to have then done. Next week I need do our new table to match.

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