14 April 2012

Colic: 1. A baby who crys for at least three hours a day, three days a week. 2. One miserable baby, one patient momma who doesn't mind crying and one GRUMPY daddy. 3. The story of our life.

When people ask if your baby is a good baby is it okay to say no? Not that we do...but we are guilty of the "ehhh..."
A few weeks after Scott was born a family friend asked if he was a good baby, then being her total normal self added "or is he a naughty boy?" we all laughed together and she explained that her twins were horribly naughty boys who cried all the time, and at the same time.

Really though some days our house is only quiet while Scott is sleeping or eating. We have tried gas drops, gripe water, massage, bicycle legs, baths, showers, swaddling, noises, laying him all sorts of ways, and cutting things out if my diet. We have figured out a little schedule that seems to work for us. Some days are way smoother than others. But we are figuring it all out. It is just hard to see him so upset and sad and in pain.

On a happier note! Scott's smiles. We had been getting for quite a while and they became social smiles around six weeks. We got this little smile on camera just in time to send to Gma as she was going into recovery after her surgery.

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