15 April 2012

We spent a very large portion of March either in California or driving to, from and through the Golden State. It is still a very important place to us and we love it and it's people very dearly so we were excited to take Scott.

He was about three weeks old the first time we went. He cried pretty the entire way to Ashland to drop daddy off at school, he was hungry! So i fed him, fed my self and we walked around rite aid and Lithia park. I feed him again, Jeremy got out of class and we left. He traveled like a champ. Only fussing a little bit over the summit and again in lake head. It was raining like no tomorrow, I couldn't see anything in front of us and Jay had to pee. So we stopped and fed him again while we waited for the rain to calm down then we went on our way.
We tried to go visit Jeremy's Nana but the weather was bad and she wasn't feeling well. Jeremy and I went on a date with Justin and Dorothy and Tyler. We played games with friends and Scott got lots of cuddle time with his Gmas and Gpas, great aunt Deonn and lots of other people. We went to church with Jay's parents and we headed home. It was a quick weekend.

The next weekend we did it all all over again. We tried to visit Jeremy's Nana, but again she wasn't feeling well. We went and visited with friends and Scott met even more important people. We went to Shelby's birthday party. Went to church to hear a missionary's homecoming talk and headed home. It was another quick, tiring weekend. Scott didn't take the trip home quite as well as he had before and he let us know he was tired of being in the car.

That next Wednesday after Jeremy's last final we made the trek once again. We loaded the car with everything we would ever need for ten days and then some hoped we didn't forget anything and started our 2.5 hour journey. By the time we got to the outskirts of Redding Scott had had it! He cried the entire way to my parents house, once he ate he settled down until we had to get back in the car... He cried the entire way to Denny's and fussed himself to sleep in my mothers arms. After Shelby's birthday dinner we went back to my parents house. The neighbor came over to meet Scotty and somehow planted a seed of redecorating in my mother. The rest of the week I halfway helped my mother redo her kitchen. Scott got to meet the rest of his cousins and his uncle Jeremy. We met at my parents house but they weren't home, so we sent Ben through a window.
Candace came to town on Friday. I didn't get to see her until Sunday though :/
We tried again to visit Nana but still the weather was bad and she wasn't up to company. We went to my parents ward, but my dad and Robert were the only ones there. Scott and I spent most of our week between my parents house and Jeremy's parents house and with Candace. It has been over a year since I had seen her and it was the first time she met Scott. It was sooo good to see her. We went shopping, to burrito bandito, watched tv and did nothing, just like the old days. :) it was nice. We played DrawSome and became addicted.
We visited my Gma and Gpa Baker. Got a message that Kelly had gone into labour. And went to the bay area to visit Jeremy's grandparents and extended family. We were only able to see them for a couple of hours. We wish we could have stayed much longer, but Jeremy had to work in Medford that evening. We will have to go back to see them very soon (after tax season of course). It is safe to say six hours in a car for an itty bitty baby such as mine is way too long. We had a little bit of a rough night once Jeremy was at work, but we survived. On the way home we heard that Kelly had finally had her baby, Adam is so adorable, and we love him to pieces. We are so excited to meet him.

I said once before how much Scott loves his car seat. Well no longer feels the same. He gets so tired of it so quickly. If I go anywhere it's best to do it during his early morning nap (between 8 and 11) when he will sleep through anything. Because by the mid afternoon he wants nothing to do with it. And will scream, cry and fuss, luckily most people find a new new borns cry cute and not annoying.

While writing this post it has occurred to me that I am a horrible mother/memory maker/photo journalist/photographer and that I took hardly any pictures of these trips, including ones of him meeting all those new people. :( life will go on I guess. Here are the very few we do have. I apologize that they are all of Scott(but not really, he is so adorable and our life is kinda all about him), that they are blurry and have bad coloring and lighting.

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