08 October 2012

Seven Months

12 lbs 11oz
25 inches tall

Our little Scotty Boy is just that, little. Teeny tiny, itty bitty, small, short, skinny, petite, whatever way you like to say it, he is little. Scott's six month appointment was a month late, we knew Scott was little and we were starting to worry about him. At Seven months he still fit into 3 month clothes and was wearing size 1 daipers. He was doing well, seemed happy and met all the milestones babies of his age should have been meeting. But people we go to church with have babies much younger than him, much bigger than him and it was obvious to us he wasn't growing. We kept telling him that just because we wanted him to stay little forever didn't mean he had to. In just over three months Scott had only gained 3 ounces and barely grew an inch.
After re weighing and measuring Scott the Doctor expressed his concerns with us, he was shocked at how small he was, he said he looked completely healthy and didn't seem "short" but his little dot wasn't on the growth chart anymore. After disusing our options we all decided it would be best to supplement Scott's diet with formula and "stuff him like a Thanksgiving turkey". And just to be sure the Doctor sent us to get lab work done and asked us to return in two weeks for a weight check. After a urine and blood samples were taken, we all just wanted to cuddle up and pout, it was a LONG day for all of us.
We spent the next two weeks feeding him and feeding him and feeding him. We could tell he was growing, he chucked up well and started sleeping better at night. At the two week appointment Scott weighed 14 lbs 3 oz and had grown almost 1/2 an inch. All of the tests came back clear and we were sent on our way.

It amazes us how much Scott has changed over the past couple months. He is so curious and smart. The day he realized he can find things we hide from him was probably one of the funniest days for his life. He army crawls all over the place and he is getting quick! He sits up very well now, he loves to ride in shopping carts and sit in high chairs. If only he was taller and the straps didn't hang him by his arm pits! He still loves baby food! Has lost interest in nursing and insists on holding his own bottle. He loves to take baths and splashes in the water like his life depends on it. He has learned how to drum, on everything, his favorites are his legs, my face/neck, a mixing bowl, hard floors and uncle Dakota's drum. He also learned how to pull himself up on short things, he had been keeping him in the bassinet insert of the pack-n-play because he hadn't reached the maximum weight and he wasn't doing anything dangerous until one day I came in and found him like this...

He finds cords EVERYWHERE we go. He knows where they are in our house and what they are hiding under/behind.

I suck real bad at this whole blogging thing. There is no six month post...and he turns eight months next week. Oops.

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